Vinoteka Mac 4

More powerful than ever, full of new exciting features and amazingly gorgeous.

Available as free update for all users

Mac App Store Online Version

Vinoteka has been and remains THE number one wine cellar management software for Mac users and wine lovers. Simple, fun, elegant, easy to use and very intuitive, Vinoteka offers a fantastic and realistic environment to manage your references and tasting notes, your bottles, recreate your cellar or wine fridges.

Introducing the new key feature of the Vinoteka family: iCloud synchronization. Carry and keep an eye on your updated wine cellar everywhere, at anytime and on all your devices.


Enable iCloud synchronization with your account.

Search your bottles or references in one single place.

Quickly check the reference and import in your Library.

Your references as a table list.

Your references on shelves.

Display the reference overview.

Display the reference details.

Manage the reference label

Manage the reference shape

Display the bottles from your reference.

Display the reference notes.

Display the bottle statistics from your reference.

Add bottles from reference.

Export your references.

Print your references as card.

Print your references as list.

All your bottles in one single view.

Add bottles to your rack.

Check the bottle details from your rack.

Drink the bottle from your rack.

Check the cellar statistics.

Create new rack.

Create beautiful cellar wall with all your racks.

The fridge overview with all your shelves.

Create your new fridge shelf.